Erin Gut
Social Media Manager
Erin Gut
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Erin was born and raised in rural Indiana.  After graduating with a BS from Indiana State University, she spent a few years as a "unicorn" before realizing she had a heart for graphic design. She was a lead designer for a wholesale company for many years before building on those skills to become a Marketing Department Manager.  From there, she began specializing in Social Media.   Erin lives with her husband, David; her 17-year-old daughter, Mackenzie; and 10-year-old ankle-biter, Libearty (born on the Fourth of July). She also has two adult step-children.  A self-proclaimed homebody, when not babysitting her 14-month-old granddaughter, Erin sews, reads, writes and illustrates.  She has recently published a few coloring books on Amazon and is in the process of building her dream home with her husband.