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Finally – we've made it to December! And what a year it's been.

It is now the peak of holiday season, and likely you're wrapping up your gifts and finalizing plans for time with family and friends. We hope everything is going well and stresses are kept at a minimum! Below, enjoy the December edition of the Patterson Group Newsletter, including a delicious soup recipe for a chilly day, stocking stuffer ideas, and an article entitled, "16 Foods You Should Never Store in Your Pantry." We would also like you to take a look at our NEW job opportunities–either for you or somebody else you have in mind! We're always looking for opportunities to expand our family.

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We feel so blessed to have helped families in the community with their Thanksgiving dinner! Members of our team volunteered to deliver Publix turkey dinners. Thank you to Cortney, Shelly, Elizabeth, Irene, Christine, and Bill for their giving spirit!

The Thanksgiving spirit continues! We also held a HOMEMADE PIE GIVEAWAY for past and current clients. Thank you to everyone who entered, and stopped by to say hello. We hope you enjoyed your delicious pie, crafted by the wonderful Reeta McCauley on our team.

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Christmas is just about a week away! Are you ready? Maybe you've gotten your main gifts wrapped and sitting under the tree, but you're still trying to brainstorm some of the smaller trinkets for the mantle. You want something small but effective for your spouse and kids – things they'll actually USE this year (and we're not just talking about socks!) See below for a Patterson-approved list of last-minute stocking stuffers that won't feel last minute.

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The Client Care Coordinator is an individual who is outgoing, draws energy from working with people, and is optimistic. They have a strong customer service background and seek to enhance relationships with past, potential and active clients. In addition, he/she is committed to promoting the Patterson Group through client care activities and has a desire to support the team through various administrative tasks.

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16 Foods You Should Never Store in Your Pantry

By Gretchen Heber & Stacey Nash

Not all foods store well in the pantry. Some go stale, others grow bacteria, and a few even develop mold. Here are 16 edibles that are better stored elsewhere.

The pantry serves as a catchall for foods of all kinds. But it takes just one taste of rancid oil, a whiff of moldy jelly, or the sight of drippy prosciutto to know that not all food stores well at room temperature. Many people simply check the label and if it doesn’t say to refrigerate, the item goes into the pantry. Some foods, however, last longer, taste better, and stay safer when stored in the refrigerator or freezer, even if the label doesn’t explicitly say so. Though it may make your jaw drop (and stomach turn) to learn this, the following items, many of which are considered pantry staples, should never be stored there.

Pure Maple Syrup
After enjoying a plate of pancakes dripping with pure maple syrup, you may be tempted to stash that syrup back in the pantry without giving it another thought. Pure maple syrup, however, especially the organic kind, can go moldy, so it’s best stored in the fridge. Need another argument in favor of cold storage? If you store your syrup in the pantry and the container is opaque, you may not see the mold until you’ve started to pour syrup on your short stack.

When stored in the pantry, nuts are more likely to go stale than grow moldy. That said, if you frequently reach for the nuts, you may be leaving bacteria behind, and if you grab a few nuts while your hands are wet, the chance that bacteria will grow increases. Over time, you could end up with nuts that are both stale and bacteria-laden. Don’t run the risk; store them in the refrigerator or freezer.

You can significantly extend the life of chocolate by storing it in the refrigerator rather than the pantry. Before you stick it in the fridge, wrap chocolate tightly to protect it from condensation and prevent it from absorbing odors and flavors from other foods. Once the chocolate is wrapped, put it in an airtight container until you’re ready to use it.




Though tortillas are rarely served cold, it’s best to store them in the fridge. Whether you prefer flour or corn tortillas, they’ll stay fresher longer if kept at a regulated cold temperature after you open the package. When it’s time for tacos allow the tortillas to warm up to room temperature, or pop them in the oven for a few minutes to heat them.

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